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The 2 meter BLGPS is the world's first and smallest completely integrated GPS/APRS transmitter with GPS receiver designed for portable use.  The sensitive u-blox NEO 6Q GPS module obtains lock even in the most difficult urban and high altitude environments.  Powered by 6xAA, Lithium Poly batteries, or automotive power (12-16V).  Onboard memory records waypoints for later download to Google Earth.  Smart Beaconing and time slotting are supported, and the unit is frequency agile across the entire 2 meter band! 

(Serial interface  and SiRF III gps module shown, USB interface and u-blox pictures pending)

 Live Demo  -- Track K7RKT-2

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Key Features:

bulletFrequency selectable operation throughout the 2 meter band (144.000 to 148.000 Mhz)
bulletu-blox NEO 6 GPS Module
bulletSmart Beaconing(TM) for periodic operation
bulletTimeSlotting allows multiple transmitters to share same frequency based on GPS time
bulletCompatible with 144.390 APRS network
bulletPower via automobile power source, 6x AA batteries, or 7.2V Lithium Poly battery.
bulletIntegrated linear voltage regulator for direct operation from 12V automotive supply
bulletSize: approximately 33mm x 85mm
bulletPricing: $265 for the transmitter alone, extra for bundles that include the packages and USB programming interaface
bulletRF Transmit antenna not included.


Here is a picture of the user interface -- note that it has the smart beaconing parameters listed:



Latest software and firmware

Flash Upgrade utility version 11

Firmware version 116 Model 9   ( note about version  and model numbers)

Firmware version 135 Model 6 (fixes ublox 40000' limitation)

Windows programming utility version 065

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