Beacon Type Price Receiver Frequency
Adept $591 70cm Ham Receiver  433.92 Mhz ONLY
BeeLine $85* 70cm Ham Receiver 420-450Mhz **
Rocket Hunter $6002 Dedicated 219Mhz 3
Walston $5002 Dedicated 219Mhz


* Price includes battery, charger and computer interface. 

** User programmable to ANY frequency in the 70cm amateur radio band

1 Beacon Only

2 includes transmitter, receiver, and antenna

3 Multiple channels available.


Even if you factor in the cost of a ham receiver (which you may already own)  and the materials needed to build your own yagi antenna, the price of the BeeLine package is still LESS THAN ONE THIRD of the Rocket Hunter or Walston solutions.


The Adept transmitter is locked to 433.92 Mhz.  If more then one person is flying the Adept, you will be unable to tell your rockets apart.  Some have expressed a concern regarding the frequency stability of the Adept transmitters.

There are questions regarding the legality of using the 219Mhz frequency.  These frequencies are intended for wildlife tracking.  Using these transmitters for other purposes may be in violation of FCC regulations.


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