Given the large number of people likely to show up at local launches (like Brothers, Oregon) using 70 cm transmitters, here is a  proposal for frequency allocation.

Let's divide the space between 425-435Mhz until 100 100Khz 'slots'.  Use the last two digits of your NAR or TRA number to figure out which of the 100 'slots' you should use.

Example:  My TRA number is 7960.  Taking the last two digits (60) and divide by 10 to get 6.0.  Add to 425.000 and the suggested frequency for my transmitter is 431.000 Mhz.  If I had more than one, I can choose other frequencies between 431.000 and 431.099 Mhz.

This is, of course, just a suggestion.

Let's try it!  Enter the last two digits of your TRA or NAR number:  TBD

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